Егор Безрылов (koznodej) wrote,
Егор Безрылов


A Moment of Truth

A new non-political international movement is rising.

4000 terror attacks after 9/11, the world was still slumbering. But 12
innocent satirical drawings in a Danish newspaper, the kind of cartoons
printed daily by the thousands in newspapers all over the world, have
changed the geopolitical situation.

Suddenly, a new understanding is emerging across political differences.

In recent years, the world crisis between Islam and the non-Muslim world
has been discussed in thousands of books, countless television debates and
millions of articles across the globe. It did nothing but divide us. Even
former western allies were divided, and a wave of anti-Americanism has
swept even the free western societies.

Now ridiculous circumstances have changed all that. A sense of humour has
changed what all the debating could not.

For 1400 years, Islam has waged war on all surrounding non-Muslim
civilizations. During the course of history, Christianity was reformed,
dictators lived, reigned and died, and totalitarian regimes emerged and

But Islam endured. Unreformed. And today, it imprisons more than 1 billion
people, moderate and radical souls alike, in a huge gap of difference to
the rest of us. Across political divides, across national boundaries,
across various degrees of freedom, across race, people or religion, black
or white, rich or poor; it stands out as our opposite. Only Muslim
reformists seek to lessen the gap. And their voices are quickly silenced.

In modern times, waves of immigrants from Muslim countries have entered
Europe. All European countries have been subject to islamization; the
process of slowly incorporating Islamic values and Muslim customs into our
way of life. Far East countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia and China
are experiencing the Muslim Jihad. Israel lives with it. America feels it.
Africa suffers from it, and is too weak from disease and poverty to

It is suddenly coming to our attention that Islam is not, cannot, and will
not be integrated or assimilated to the values of freedom and democracy.
Islam is not only a religion; it is a totalitarian and expansionistic
political ideology.

It is now a moment of truth. The current events unfolding all over the
world are opening our eyes. 12 cartoons have touched the soul of the free
societies: The right to speak freely without fear.

The drawings did not cause this. But they catalyzed a world conflict
dormant since the birth of Muhammed.

Now we know what his face looks like. And we are still in majority on this
earth to stand up to it.

The current events will eventually lead to either a 3rd world war or
finally some sort of Islamic self-realization that has been 1400 years in
the making.

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