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Мистер Айомми подтверждает

Не один старый лабух и не один раз говорил мне в те годы, когда мне случалось поносить длинношерстных фаворитов советского пту, кгб и влксм, "не волнуйся, они там не себя слушают, а нормальную музыку солидных людей, а это всё на экспорт в третий колхозный мир".

И не обязательно быть старым лабухом, чтобы в наши дни разобраться, что кому адресовано. Если бы Саббат мыслил на уровне своих совковых аналитиков, тем более - разделяя их селянские вкусы, они бы и звучали на уровне совковых "саббатов":

Iommi said of late he's been tuning into the vintage rock and roll from the 1950's and 1960's that first influenced him as a musician and confirmed a British newspaper's report (which apparently shocked some self-respecting Sabbath fans) that he is fond both of Doris Day, who had her heyday in the 1950s, and the soft-rocking 70s duo, The Carpenters.

"That got blown out of proportion," Iommi said with a laugh. "I love heavy rock, but I don't sit and listen to heavy rock because I do that."

Iommi said it's not the first time his musical detours have surprised Sabbath fans.

"I'll never forget I was driving through Hollywood and I had some Frank Sinatra on, because I like Frank Sinatra," he said. "I was at the light and another car pulled up and the people inside looked over and recognized me and then realized what I was playing. The look on their faces…."


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