Егор Безрылов (koznodej) wrote,
Егор Безрылов

Музыка в прозе Корнелла Вулрича

“Here’s a better one,” the self-appointed custodian of the small phonograph announced, having shuffled a number of records hastily through her hands.
She interrupted the bleats coming from it, and after a brief hiatus, it resumed at a quicker tempo, with a sound like twigs being snapped coursing rhythmically through it.
“Doo wacka-doo, doo wacka-doo,Doo wacka-doo-wacka-doo-wacka-doo.”
The redhead’s convolutions became almost serpentine.

The Black Bargain.

Tags: music гении, цитаты, чужая проза

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